• Daicel Chiral Columns

    Daicel chiral columns offer excellent resolution of racemates, rapid and easy method development, plus durability and long service life. Daicel chiral columns are essential tools in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • FT-IR Spectrometers

    With over fifty years of experience in infrared spectroscopy, JASCO offers a series of advanced FT-IR instruments and sampling accessories. JASCO provides the most complete selection of FT-IR capability from education and routine analysis to high performance research systems including optimized dedicated systems for advanced technology applications such as measuring film thickness and CVD in-situ monitoring for semiconductor research


    Osaka Soda provides the revolutionary polymer-coated “capsule type” HPLC column with combined advantages of silica-based and polymer-based columns. CAPCELL PAK is an epoch-making HPLC column integrating the excellent separation performance of silica-based packing material and the high chemical stability of polymer-based packing material.

  • Serstech Raman Portable

    Serstech’s solutions are used in the pharmaceutical production industry and its products are compliant with FDA’s Title 21 CFR part 11 regulations. Serstech 100 Indicator Pharma, Serstech Arx+ and Serstech ChemDash are all CFR compliant.

  • Shodex Columns

    Shodex™ provide Polymer-based columns with wide ranges of application e.g. Reversed-phrase, Sugar, Polymers, Pullulan/Polystyrene standards for calibration, Environment analysis and etc.


Mitra profesional yang handal, dan terpercaya dalam bidang analitis sejak 1994

PT Batuwaris Dinamika was established in 1994.  PT Batuwaris Dinamika is a Distributor for several brand such as, JASCO, OSAKA SODA, SHODEX, DAICEL, SERSTECH RAMAN PORTABLE.We are focusing in analytical instrument and analytical accessories for Pharma , food, chemical, environment companies, even airport security.

Recent News

One of our principal, JASCO, is sponsoring this year’s ICAVS which will be held on  23-26 August 2021. Also in the program site, you can see the several presentations from the following countries. For detail program, please visit https://icavs11.freexon.pl/program  

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